Thursday, February 23, 2012


Man, do I feel like something died in my head and started to rot this morning. I know, pleasant image there, but seriously I feel awful this morning. Luckily for everyone I didn't start feeling this bad until halfway through the train ride home, so yesterday's outing was lovely.

The children were very excited by their first train ride and the school group was large enough that we had a whole car for the lot of us making it entirely comfortable. It was also nice since the train went all the way to Sacramento, we were initially afraid there was going to be some bus time. We then spent some time in Old Town which meant shopping and candy and then it was time to head to the train museum.

The scale of the place is much like going to an Air museum with huge trains everywhere, but with the added bonus of a large selection of toy trains as well. I'd been there as a child because that's what we all do in the four grade around these parts, but I literally remembered nothing. Not so surprising that things would change in nearly thirty years, but I digress. We had a good time. Oh, and just so you don't think the youngest here was playing video games in the museum, was was using the camera in her DS to take pictures...of everything.

On the train ride home, I tatted and was chatted up by some of the other parents curious about what I was doing. I think it's funny how people assume the small scale of the work makes it harder to do. I always end up slowing down to show them that it's just one simple knot, not magic, but I don't think they ever believe me. It was about this point that the cold started to really bother me and despite having just taken something I was miserable the rest of the way home. This of course continued this morning and I'm crossing my fingers that it was train air and I'll be fine after my workout this morning because I have more tatting to do today, much more.

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Crazy Mom! said...

Hope you feel better soon! Drink LOTS of water.