Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Somebody shoot me now...I worked on the books yesterday. I started off the day with schooling as usual, but when I was done, I thought, hey, I'll get started on some of this number stuff. Three hours later I looked up and realized I'd just sucked half the day away. So, since the husband had the day off we all went out for lunch and ran a couple of errands. Then we decided to play a little catch up with out dvr allowing me to tat a little, but just some remaking. It was nice.

Then what stupid thing did I do? Yes, I went back to the books. Let me just say to any of you out there toying with the idea of turning your beloved hobby into a business, make sure it's really worth it. I am a lousy book keeper and that means at least once a year I want to ask people to shoot me. Sure, I keep all my records in a nice searchable file. Sure, I keep all my supply receipts in order and easy to find. I know where to download all the various information and compile it into a usable document. I even know what to do with the information when that's done.  I derive no joy from it though and even though I know I should do it all year long to make the task easier each time I just can't bring myself to suffer this every single month. Instead I suffer for a week or two each year...welcome to the suffering.

So, as you have guessed I am no further with the new piece and today I have a meeting with the home school teacher as well as lunch plans so I don't know what I'll manage to get to today. If I'm being completely honest, there is still more I need to do with the books too. This year PayPal sent out a new form detailing the payments one received and that gets sent to the IRS as well, so I have to comb through all my transactions to find all the times I used this phrase, 'Oh, just paypal me the money'. Then I have to add those to my etsy data to make sure all the numbers match. Sorry, I didn't mean to go off on the number stuff again. I do hope to get back to some tatting today. I need it for my sanity.


Krystle said...

Can I just say..... Ditto.

Janet said...

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