Friday, November 18, 2011

Still On The Doilies

So black on white won the great, 'ask the internet what to do' challenge yesterday. I have to agree that was the way to go with the black thread. I think it has a very 'Old Hollywood' look to it. After that I decided on two more colors to try out, gray on a black base and Victorian red on a black base. Again, my internet social networks were consulted on which to make first and the red won.

I've been working each of these slightly different, playing with stitch counts and the number and placement of picots on the outer edge. I also noted that the different colored bases I purchased have slight size differences and that's making them each come out a bit different too. The red one has already been snatched up so I figure I'll make up the gray one today and then remake the red one to relist. Of course by that point I will have used up my new supply of bases save for an ivory one that I haven't decided on yet. I was thinking a brown one, but not sure whether I should go with chocolate or mocha brown. Also that I know there is a difference between those colors is weird. This is what Lizbeth thread has done to me, I've become a color snob. Albeit a color snob that still prefers black.

So that's pretty much the whole plan for today. I did sell a couple of other small things yesterday that I must also get remade and listed over the weekend. I will likely order up some more bases just so I can remake the other doily fascinators should they sell. I also still have quite a lot of finishing work on my gift project. Lucky for me, I started it early enough that I can take my time with it. Here's to a lovely weekend for you all out there.

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louine said...

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate it that you blog ever Mon.-Fri. and never miss a day. I only read a few tatting blogs but you are by far one of the most faithful to the blogging.