Friday, November 11, 2011


I wish I could say that it was a terrible exciting day, but mostly it was just me and the new medallion design. Of course adjusting this pattern for size and style has taught or more likely reminded me of a few things. First, I totally take modern thread with it's tight twist and consistent thickness for granted. I'm working these with vintage thread found for me in a thrift store. It has that perfect cast of age that will give anything I tat that feeling of actually being vintage, which is the desired effect, but a bit of a hassle to work with really, sometimes thin, then thick and loose.

Second, it is truly amazing what happens when you change the stitch count in an element by just one or two stitches. The first one was the prototype and it cupped as I made it, though I was able to flatten it, and the edge chains stretched into a circle rather than a point. In the second version I reduced the chains in the middle of the design by two stitches and added two to the joining rings and finally two to the outer chains. These small changes don't seem like they should make enough of a difference on paper, but in the lace, the difference made the piece perfect. It worked up flat and pointed just enough and the adjustments made no further difference in final size which is exactly what I needed.

After I finished both final pieces, I kept playing with that slightly curved prototype. I just couldn't let it go to waste, since I like the design that way too. Then I remembered that I had picked up a few different hat or fascinator bases when I was making those little veils. I had one that was a simple round, black straw base. The medallion fit over it perfectly with just the points over the edge, so it's gonna be a hair piece. First I'm gonna fancy it up a bit with a little bronze filament embroidery around the outer edge and then I'll get it sewn to the based. I thought about adding some netting or fabric, but I think I like it just being a doily you wear in your hair. So, even though today is technically a holiday, I think I'll work on that and hopefully get it done and listed. There are still tasks that need doing and a nieces birthday party to attend so that may be all I accomplish anyway.

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Unknown said...

I love when a slightly irregular prototype makes itself useful!