Monday, November 14, 2011

Hats and Grays

It was another long weekend. Of course this time it actually was a day longer than usual. First I will start with the tatting. I sat down to try to make the doily fascinator fancier, but as I attempted to bead it, I realized that I liked it better the way it was. So, I undid the beading I had begun and got it photographed and listed. I liked the result so much that I went ahead and ordered some more hat bases in different shades so I can make a few more.

Then I got a couple small orders, so I spent a little time remaking things while thinking about what to make with the new charcoal gray thread. I truly love this color. I know, it's not really colorful, but it really is a gorgeous gray. Unfortunately, my creativity was on vacation, so instead of doing something interesting with it, I did something tried and true. I did get to use some new colored beads as well though. These are a beautiful light silvery gray that matches very well with the darker gray of the thread. I'm sure I'll think of something more awesome to make with it at some point.

So, other than tatting, there were two birthday celebrations for family and one nice little get together with friends along with the usual weekend nonsense. It was a busy, talkative weekend and I ended it with a ridiculous headache last night. This week should be fairly normal save for a zoo field trip tomorrow. I'm basically all caught up in the shop until I get some more orders or inspiration, so I guess we just wait and see where the day takes us.

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