Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Black

In a lovely surprise, I got in the hat bases I ordered far earlier than I had expected them. It's always wonderful when you find a supply seller who appears to really care and ships quickly. I've found many of them to be, well...slow in that regard. Anyway, that meant I could get a red doily hair piece made up again and listed, so that's what I did in the morning. At this point I have the design down to a science, even the embroidery bits are flying, though I'm running dangerously low on some of the thread I use for that and I don't remember where I got it. Guess I'm playing the google game today and hoping it turns up quickly.

Then I turned my attention back to my gift project. I being very selective about which sold pieces I'm bothering to remake. I figure I can save many of them for January when the shop goes into its annual coma. I still have a little more work on the gift, but it's embroidery and is directly affected by the afore mentioned supply issue.

After I set that aside for the time being my mind wandered back to the flurries. I thought they would make nice simple gift for some friends, but I wanted to do them in black, so I needed to run an experiment first. I knew the sparkle modge podge worked on white perfectly, but I wasn't certain it would work on black thread. So I grabbed a prototype motif sitting on my side table, read 'rejected piece' and dabbed away, then waited. It really turned out neat. The sparkle on the white is a fairly subtle effect, but on the black it really stands out, but as I hoped the modge podge itself dried nice and clear and did not muddy the black thread at all. This meant that I was going to get to work on some black flurries. I apologize if you know me in real life, but you're likely ending up with a flurry snowflake should we exchange gifts. Oh and this little reject is likely going on my tree.

I've no other pressing plans for the day, no orders in queue nor pieces that need remaking. I thought about making another doily hair piece, but I got little enthusiasm online when I asked for possible color requests. I got about the same amount of enthusiasm when I suggested a black Friday or Cyber Monday type sale. Of course I'm okay with that as not having one means I don't have to spend my holiday running one. I will have a free shipping code up for the holidays, it's 'holiday2011' if you're interested, but I think that's all I'm going to do. Either people want to buy my lace or they don't, I certainly can't compete with deals like $200 flat screens, so I won't try.

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Anonymous said...

I love the prototype! This is the type of gift I would love in an exchange, but then I am a bit strange according to most that know me :D You always have the most amazing creations. I am still hoping to one day order one of your bracelets when I actually have $ to spare.