Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Dud

Well Cyber Monday did not provide any more sales than any other Monday might have. It brought one sale, is what I'm trying to say, but that one was a custom sized mask meaning at least it gave me something specific to do for the day. So that's pretty much all I did, but I did get the mask finished so I'm feeling pretty good about that.

I do have a question for tat land though. I have been receiving a lot more messages on etsy and through formspring asking for patterns and general tatting instruction lately.  I was curious if this is a trend that's anyone else is seeing. I imagine it's connected to the holidays and the desire to be able to make unique gifts, but I don't remember the same thing occurring in years past. I have gotten so many request lately that I'm actually contemplating a book again. Don't get excited though, it's so not happening anytime soon. I just don't have the skill set required to put that together, but I digress, my initial curiosity is well, are you seeing more curiosity lately?

Let's see, for today, I did wake up to a few more messages on etsy asking for custom lengths and colors so hopefully those customers will provide me with something to do for today. Otherwise I'm, making more snowflakes for 'just in case' gifts. I do have a meeting with the home school 'teacher' this morning for the quickly approaching end of the semester, but that's the whole of my days plans. Here's to something wonderful and unexpected happening.


Marilee Rockley said...

Sharing from my own experience, patterns sell like hotcakes!

Unknown said...

Your masks and jewellery are out of this world. I was struggling with shuttle tatting until I saw your blog and I convinced the hubby to buy me some tatting needles. I have just produced some of the little flowers you have instructions for.

Luv Jane

r0xanne said...

I wanted to learn tatting because of the jewelry and hair pieces I'd seen through retailers like anthropologist, and collections from Dior and such. Lace was a big thing in fashion last spring so it may have peaked the DIY interest since few can afford couture. As a new learner I devour any patterns I can get my hands....I buy tatting patterns off etsy all the time. You should consider single patterns instead of an entire book.