Thursday, November 17, 2011


The morning was as expected. After schooling and some cleaning, I headed to the mailbox where I was happy to discover the new hat bases I had ordered like the one I used for the doily fascinator. A lovely friend on twitter had taken a shine to the design and had requested a white and black version. Sure, I should have asked again if she was sure before I made it, but I was desperate for something new to do. So, it's not completely new, but I really do love working this pattern for some reason. I used a black base to help the white pop and in pictures the black portion is hard to capture, but in person it stands out just fine. This one got a silver embroidered edge and a antiqued silver filigree with a black swarovski in the center. It should be off to a new home soon.

Then since I was in the mood and I have a few more bases, I started a black version. I still haven't decided whether to put in on a black base for the full 'goth' look or on a white one for the contrast. I think they will have two totally different looks so I think I'll post pictures either way later and hope the twitter or facebook can solve my dilemma. Of course I can always do it both ways, but which way first?

So today's tasks include a normal day of schooling followed by finishing up the new doily fascinator and getting it listed. Also I shall be actively crossing my fingers for the holiday shopping season to finally  find my storefront. Yes, I will continue to complain about it until things get in gear. I have holiday presents to pay for...I already shopped! I don't think there's anything else so that will be the whole of the day.

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Anonymous said...

These are soo vintage - I love it!

Wish I had a creative eye