Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I sat sat around for much of the morning hoping that something would happen to spur me forth to some interesting project, or anything to tat really, but nothing came. Finally, I remembered the gift project I've been working on. I started it knowing it would be a project that I would only come back to when I wasn't otherwise busy and yesterday was perfect for it. It had been quite some time since I'd worked on it and I left off at a point where I needed to figure out my next move. It's one of those projects that is different enough from previous creations that I get to stretch that creative muscle, but not so different that I'm worried about it turning out. I wish that I could show you more of it, but as it is a gift and most of the people I know is real life do know where I live here, it is unwise. However, I thought this nice abstract photo would at least give a pop of color to the blog this morning.

I did get a couple of bracelet sales, so I have those to remake. One of them was the new gray one too, so I'm very pleased with myself that someone else liked the color palette. Other than that we have a field trip to the zoo out of town this afternoon and that is likely to eat up much of the day. Oh and I'll need to run some errands before we go, so I'm already tired thinking about my day. I hope your is a good one.

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