Thursday, November 10, 2011

Busy Is Good

Well, yesterday was a much better...or less frustrating day anyway. No huge dramas or missing packages. I finished up the replacement pieces for the missing package so that's one looming task completed. Just as I was about to begin some remaking, I got some interesting project messages. Nothing too interesting, but something new to do. You might remember that I contributed some tatted medallions and hearts to a lovely lady that makes lampshades in the past. She contacted me for some more. The reason this is always a nice challenge is that she always has a specific size and shape that needs to be filled by the medallion. The large hearts were the hardest, but this time around it was just a specific size.

I started out trying to upside a simple snowflake design that she was partial too, but that was an unmitigated failure. I thought it might be, but I had to try. Then I thought I'd use my newest modified doily piece and do some further modification to give it a pointed edge and increase it's size. I think it's going to work out just fine, but I didn't have a chance to finish the prototype. I got another message on etsy. This one started with the oft heard, 'I didn't know anyone still tatted' and continued on to be a custom order for a couple of color pieces. So then I was off to that task.

Honestly, I adore the crazy days with multiple projects and interactions with people. They really break up the monotony that can form when one is home all day. So, today it's back to the medallion. Once I've finished that I'll hopefully get approval and make a second one. If I finish that it'll be back to remaking things for the shop. I didn't get my new thread yesterday, so hopefully today. It usually arrives quickly and I really want to see that gray thread. I know, I'm simple. I don't even know yet what I'll make with it, but it'll be something new.

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