Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yesterday was production time. I had a fair amount of house cleaning to contend with and honestly just didn't have the brains available for design purposes. I managed to remake a few pieces that had been out of the shop since the holiday shopping season and then I went to work on a second headband for the shop. I had initially intended to do the second one in black, but opted to stick with the purple for two reasons. First people seemed to really dig on the color, second, I wouldn't have to take more pictures.

I really want to be able to take picture of this thing on people, but as a headband that's probably ill advised. I mean my hair is clean and all, but, well it's just weird. I don't however wear headbands so I have no need to have a sparkly one lying around collection dust just so I can take a hair picture. I suppose I could put the wig on me, meh too much work. One of the irons in the fire was put out. The piece I had been working up to surround a bracelet will never be, the owner found shipping costs to send me the bracelet overseas prohibitive and I don't blame her. I still like the look of the lace around metal, so I may seek out a similarly sized bracelet to make the piece with anyway, but I think that goes on the 'one day' list.

Other than that it was a quiet day. Still waiting for many emails left unanswered and I start the day without a clear direction. I should be receiving pearls soon to create a necklace with, but I rarely get shipments before late afternoon, so the morning is up for grabs. I might start work on the glove idea, mostly just to see if I have the requisite skills of construction required. Hands seem like tricky little things to cover comfortably. I want to be able to use larger thread, since even size 20 would keep me on this project for weeks, or months, but I fear the larger thread might be too thick. Of course we certainly wear thicker gloves with no problem, so perhaps I'm creating an issue where none exists.

It feels odd to not have a picture for you today since I've had so many recently, but I just have nothing new to show you. I have been keeping up with my picture a day and it seems clear that lace will be a recurring theme in them since I haven't far to go to find a piece of that. So if you need a picture fix from me, they are here. I was trying to find a way to just post that album to the blog, but I couldn't seem to find anything that specific and I don't really want my entire photo stream boring the crap out of everyone...I just want this 365 one boring you. Well off to it then and see what the day brings.


FetishGhost said...

Posting at 5:05 in the morning! Who's up posting at 5:05? Oh wait... never mind.

Krystle said...

You know, I had thought about how to do long gloves before, and I had half tossed the idea around of purchasing a pair of fabric gloves, and doing just the top side....the back of the hands and up the arm...in tatting, so one could still have the palm and front of fingers covered in cotton to grab things with. So it would be more like doing an insertion than tatting a whole glove. Much less tricky than getting it all to look right over every finger, let alone doing it again for the other hand.

Good luck to you however you get the job done! I'm sure they will be stunning.