Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Blues

I managed to stay on topic most of the day working on my newest project, but then I got some, will call it annoying news. The mask for which I have devoted three weeks may not be the right shape for those who commissioned it in the first place. I had accepted long ago that this project had to be about me wanting to make something high end or couture or whatever and not about the commission or it wasn't going to get done. That being said, the thought of starting over from scratch to create something else at this point makes me kinda want to curl up in a ball and suck my thumb. I'm still waiting to hear back again, so nothing is certain yet. I don't have the time to wallow in this, with an ever growing list of custom project requests, I must keep moving forward.

I think I've finished the newest one, though it also is waiting for approval or rejection from its commissioner, so won't share a finished picture yet. What I just realized yesterday as I accepted yet another of these, 'I wonder if this is possible' requests, is the sheer number of things on my plate without payment. It's my own fault of course. I couldn't in good conscious request up front payment when I wasn't certain in any of these cases whether the piece could even be created. Sure, this means a lot of designing that might result in sell able pieces or a lot of wasted time for pieces that will never be. On the up side I've had no recent sales in my shop to distract me.

It appears that I am coming down off the high of finishing that mask. I seem to have landing somewhere in the 'why the hell am I even doing this' fields. This too shall pass. My cold is waning, the child is readjusting back to our home school schedule and I hope that my issues are just about readjusting back as well. I also decided that I haven't shared enough 'nonsense' lately, all focused on the tatting and creating, so here's a bit. On New Tear's Day, I saw all sorts of chatter on the twitter about starting 365 projects. You know, a craft, picture, etc. a day for the whole year. I tried a piece a day and got like 5 days in before I got distracted, so I opted to try out the picture a day. I stole a theme from an actual photographer and started the project. Now, I will never claim to be a photographer, if I take a good picture, it's more than likely luck. All my skills in this arena revolve around taking listing pictures of my lace, that is all. If you are curious, my project will reside on my flickr page here. I have begun with black and white mostly because like I said I stole the theme and my camera has that setting.

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