Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's That I'm Making?

So why on earth do I have a picture of a simple ring posted here. Seems silly I know, but look closely. You see where the thread are coming off that little ring? The center, yep. This is my very first split chain. This was a technique I had assumed was solely the domain of the shuttle tatter as I could find no instruction for the needle at all. Then one day a lovely tatter over at intatters made this video to help the shuttle tatters with the move. At first I was stumped, it was not happening for me, so I put down my little ring and moved on. Then yesterday for some reason I picked it up again and without revisiting the video decided that I could do that with just a crochet hook, and I did. Turns out all I really needed to do was focus on what makes a ds a ds. The half hitch knot. Whew. I don't know how often I might use the technique as it is still a bit of a pain to do and cutting and hiding ends to start a new row is really no effort with the needle, but I am so glad to have learned.

Next up, my new secret projects. Well sort of secret, like most things I have not yet announced, I fear that everything will fall right through, so rather than explain what went wrong later I just don't announce a thing. I will however give you a peek into the creation process. I am creating a matching line of pieces...for a secret reason. Anyway one of those pieces will likely be a new ankle corset design. I say likely because I always count failure as an option in new designs. It's just prudent.

So the new design is starting with this decorative lace up section. I made the prototype in ecru since I have two level tons of the stuff, but the final design won't be black, just a little detail. I've gotten further than this piece now, but this was the only picture I took while working. I got a wee bit distracted by the enormous thunder storm we got yesterday evening. I digress, the piece will have straight sides up the ankle a bit and I'm still working out the curves section for the front. I want a bit of frill without going too over the top. This one is meant to have a slightly more spat like appearance, but like all designs I never know what the end will look like until I'm there. I've one more secret design already done, but I think I'll keep that one under wraps for the sake of drama.

As seems to be the case more often than not lately, I am waiting for more emails on other projects. I keep thinking that I've bit off more than I can chew and then as each project finishes, I think well that wasn't so bad. Perhaps I thrive under pressure or perhaps I just let just enough of those projects fall through the cracks to keep me sane. So if I appear to be ignoring your project, please let me know, it's likely I have had a bit of amnesia about it. I really should start writing these things down...maybe next year.


Clemintine said...

Know what? I just learned the split chain a couple weeks ago, and it is totally one of those things that is so encredibly easy that I feel a bit like a loon for not having figured it out.. but.. all the instructions I ever found (quite frankly) suck. Or, they suck for someone like me that is dyslexic and can't follow written directions to save my life half the time..
I'm going to make a vid today, I'll comment or email you with the link.

Sewicked said...

Something that I learned is that it works better with a tightly woven thread. I have real problems doing it with something like perle cotton.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for posting that video! I was looking at a motif and wanted to do it all in one piece, but didn't think it was possible. Didn't even occur to me until I read this post that a split chain was possible. =)