Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pearl Necklace

While the fingers waited for their hand I did the unspeakable. Okay, maybe not unspeakable, but it did feel wrong somehow. I ripped apart a perfectly good string of huge pearls. The first cut was the hardest, but I managed to tear the thing asunder. I wish I had taken a before picture, but they were a classic string of pearls. When worn I felt a little like Lisa Simpson, which may possibly be the saddest statement for pearls ever. I Laid them all out in one of those necklace design trays since they were of varying sizes, just slightly, but I like everything to be all even like. Then I had to do some math...I know, I hate math too.

I was charged with giving these pearls a makeover into a 44 inch strand that could be doubled and closed with a simple loop over a pearl. It was a quick piece to work up, just chains and I liked the look so much that I spent a few minutes in the evening ripping apart a set of small pink pearls for a similar makeover for the shop, perhaps with black thread for a completely different look. As this customer had said of hers, they were never worn. Perhaps now, they will get out some. I also have some freshwater pearls that might get out of the supply box now too.

Then I sent out an email to the commissioner of my sequins mask. I wanted to confirm that they did not want it, so I could move on with the piece. I was surprised to receive a message back quickly asking for a second, simpler sequins mask. As is the habit of the season, they were sick and that is why I had heard nothing further. So rather than return to the gloves, I am again mask making. This one will be my signature mask with the added sequins details. Perhaps with similar embellishment in the center for a little extra oomph. When that one is done and hopefully cleared for work, I plan on shopping the first mask to some of the wonderful photographer friends I've made who can give it the photo shoot that it deserves so that I can list the thing in my shop in a style befitting the price tag I'm slapping on the sucker.

While I didn't work on my gloves, the idea mill is up and running. After further thought, the palms will definitely remain bare and the piece will hook around the wrist at the base and then switch to lacing further up. I've still not worked out the marriage to the slave bracelet design, but I think I know which basic design I want to use. I'll let that choice be a surprise when I get around to it though. I also have some basic tatting to get to as my Aunt has asked me to help with a lace display at the museum she works at. She has several large tatted lace pieces and I was charged with making up some small samples of the designs used for display in a shadow box. I admit it will be odd after I have spent so much effort taking my tatting away from the edgings and doilies to go back there for a bit, but respect the roots right?


Sewicked said...

The necklace looks fabulous, great job. How did you incorporate the pearls onto the chain (hint, hint, close up of pearl to show your work)?

Loving the sound of the gloves. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

Will you take pictures of the pieces, plus your samples, that your Aunt will be displaying? As you say, respect the roots.

Kim said...

Ooh! This gives me an idea for a broken necklace of pink crystals I've had, like, forever! Brilliant!