Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink Pearls And Other Projects

Alright, let's see. I started the day the same way I had ended the last, cutting apart a pearl necklace. The pink pearls were a pain in the neck to dismantle since they were knotted between each pearl. The larger pearls were simply strung making that a breeze. For the pink pearls I opted to use black thread and went smaller, size 20. Even with the smaller thread, getting these loaded on the ball was like pulling teeth. I actually had to use a pair of pliers to hold the beading needle to pull them on. I'm sure a smaller beading needle would have helped, but that would have required buying a new one as I break them all the time and have none on hand.

I went with a basic chain because I like the unpredictable curve giving the whole length an interesting undulation rather than the perfectly straight look that results from a Josephine knot chain. I thought about doing a tutorial for this technique, but like all things that goes on a long list. It is rather simple to do and I think it really transforms an otherwise simple set of pearls. I've got a few left over from the long one so I can use the remaining ones to make a shorter version perhaps with an actual clasp and use that creation to make the tutorial.

The gloves still slumber as I make another mask upon which to apply sequins. I finished the tatting of that one late yesterday evening and I even had time to start with the sewing of said sequins. I started with the eyes as that is the only place I know for sure I want the things. Like my other attempt, this process is strictly a make it up as I go along. Remember how I was talking about how I design the other day. It was in response to a thread on intatters, which I should honestly go respond to, but I lurk there more often than talk. Anyway, one had responded that there were in fact rules to design and though they are probably right, I literally laughed out loud when I read it. I know there are rules for every art, I just don't bother. Am I lazy? Hell yeah, I'm lazy, but it's more than that. Creation is visceral for me, if I can't do flying by the seat of my pants, if it's 'real work', then why do it? Fine, without knowing the 'rules' I will never be the next great tatting designer, there are already some ridiculously amazing ones. I will probably never get a book deal, there are plenty of those anyway. I'll keep working with my blinders on, thank you very much.

I digress...again. I'll be working on the mask today and then I finally received some supplies that said they were delivered months ago. Apparently they were in post office limbo or something. Anyway, they were for a belly dance necklace that has yet to be designed. I was going to simply embellish an existing necklace with the coins and bells, but I think I might get a bit more ambitious and whip up a new design or at least a new variation on an existing one to give it more of that middle eastern feel. There is also one more project in the pipeline awaiting approval before it moves forward. I guess at this point the gloves are a side project, a rather large side project, but still not a huge priority, even though I know there are those waiting with bated breath.


Emi said...

Good for you! The best works of art are the ones that flowed naturally from the hands of their creators, not the ones that follow every rule of design to a T. You are an artist, not a copycat and more power to you! ♥

Clemintine said...

oh goodie! I'm not the only one that laughed at that post! Rules? I don't need no stinkin rules!
Ok, actually it probably would come in handy when doing something like a perfect doily.. but, other then ripping out the center portion or some little piece of a row to rework into something different I've never found much use for them.
besides, art 101 states: know the rules, so that you can break them. art 202 you realize that your going to have to unlearn almost every rule that you just learned. I think its far better to understand your own process of creation then to follow someone elses set rules... how else can you be inovative?

. c h o k l i t . said...

Loving the string of pearls - so classy!

H J said...

Your blog is always so much fun to follow.
If I had to sit down and think through a design BEFORE actually tatting, I would NEVER be able to create anything. Like Emi and Clemintine say, it needs to flow in order to be innovative.