Friday, January 29, 2010

Salome's Adornment

The busy bee was working again yesterday. I remade a few sold pieces in doubles. I decided that it might be prudent when I actually do have the time to increase my stock, but I always put off the task, so for a solution, I decided that when something needs remaking, I will make two. This of course does not apply to masks nor ankle corsets, though it probably should.

I finished up my anklet, got pictures and used the power of twitter to help me name the sucker. Now I know due to the new relevancy search on the horizon at etsy I should cut out the creative names and just call it something like tatted anklet with bells and coins, but I shall have none of that. It is called 'Salome's Adornment'. Yes, it is cliche, and I like it that way. I was terribly lazy when I got photos of it worn as an arm band. I was wearing a t shirt and I didn't want to change so I cropped the hell out of the picture. I should probably get new ones one of these days...maybe.

I also spent a good deal of time cleaning up various child and pet created disasters. I am becoming more acutely aware of them since my Grandfather is coming to visit next week. We invited him to stay in our guest room and though we have already hosted my brother, Grandpa is an entirely different situation. It's not that we're one of those over judging least not on that side, but his house was always immaculate, mine is, well passable. So I didn't get much more tatting done. I did list the shisha mirrors and they are already on their way to a new home. I hope I get to see their application. I will get a few more made up, maybe today.

Oh, but I did tat one more thing. As I was sitting in the computer room, I had one of those, 'I wonder what...?' moments. I dug through my supplies and came out with a few things, grabbed the white thread, I know, and started on a pendant that shall be called 'The White Queen'. Am I jumping on an Alice bandwagon here? Yeah, maybe a little, but I really wanted to use the silver filament again so I needed a properly flashy piece. I'll get that one done this morning and hopefully get some pictures and have it listed too. the search through the supply box may have also inspired a few more small and one of a kind pieces as well, only time will tell for certain.


Emi said...

Alice and Wonderland themed lace has got to be a good thing!
can't wait to see it!

Sewicked said...

With silver & white, at some point you will have to do something in honor of the Snow Queen.

Christine said...

Hi, I'm pleased to pass on a Sunshine Blog Award. Your designs are incredible, so inspiring.

Tennye said...

Your things are very nice. I have a friend who is a tatter and I am impressed. YOu make lovely things I especially like the ankle bracelet.

Nancy said...

These are very pretty!