Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Onto The Next One

I spent a good portion of energy yesterday trying to get as many people as possible to look at my new mask. I suppose after working on the piece for three weeks I was in need of a little show and tell. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented. I am proud of the piece, but I definitely needed the pats on the back to reassure me that it was in fact done. However, I have no time to sit on my laurels and I've begun work on my next project.

The head cold might have helped me with finishing the last piece, but it is having the opposite effect on the next one. I'm having scattered thoughts and it's not quite gelling in my head yet. I even hesitate to say what it is that I'm attempting to make yet as I think this one might take two or three prototypes before the actual piece emerges. I started this one with an element from a vintage handkerchief edging. I often start a new piece simply by gleaning elements from other designs as a jumping off point. It's really what I do with them that makes the pieces original and boy am I thankful that I have those early tatters to lean on for inspiration.

Today is not looking much better for creation either as not only am I sick, but so are the kids. Sure, during the day they seem fine, but as soon as the two year old's head hits the pillow the coughing begins and nothing can stop it for like two hours. Then when she is quiet, I'm all paranoid and I have to watch her breath for a while. So as you might have guessed I'm running on a bit less sleep than I like to have.

Let's see what else? Ooh, I sent off my first order to Dubai. I've shipped a lot of places, but this was the first time that a customer requested that I use a different carrier. They were willing to pay and I'm not exaggerating here, $85 for just the shipping. I am carefully monitoring the shipment with extreme paranoia, not because it's huge or more important than any other order, but because that's a lot of shipping costs and it better get where it's going fast and efficiently.

I know that there was something else that I wanted to share with you today, but it appears that the head fog is winning. Hopefully this cold is on the way out and I can get my brain back soon...I really miss it.

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