Monday, January 25, 2010

What Didn't I Make?

So Friday was a busy, busy tatting day, followed by a busy tatting weekend. I finished the first spat and then it's mate and I shared the results on the facebook fan page. The design is apparently acceptable. I also spent the weekend making up a second pair in terror that I would run out of thread before its completion. It seems I had just enough of the discontinued shade to finish. I guess that makes them limited editions right?When I can breath, I will likely try a few other color combinations as I think this design benefits from the technique. All in one color I think the elements might get lost and blend together.

Did I mention that I acquired yet another vintage tatting book from the 40's? Well, I did and as is my way I needed to find the first project from its pages. This was an easy pick. There was a hankie edging I fell for immediately. It was one of those that you would have had to cut the corner to fit, which I think would have been a ridiculous task, but I digress. I made some minor modifications to the design for structural purposes, but otherwise left it fairly intact and I think it makes a stunning necklace. I already sold the first one to the fine lady who I let name the piece, "A Scandal In Bohemia". I don't know if the real Irene would wear this one, but it is dramatic.

Then Saturday evening, my ankle corsets got a shot at the front page of etsy. This time during the day, for a whole hour. I was lucky to have gotten home right before they were up and the twitterverse immediately alerted me to the feature. The views were spectacular and the corsets got 112 new item hearts. Really, not much beats the front page treasuries for exposure, though it is fleeting, very fleeting. During my stay on twitter, I mentioned that the new necklace design was going to serve as a base for a belly dance inspired piece that I should be getting to this week. My comment was met with the phrase, "bet you could churn out tatted shisha like nobody's business. Maybe make sew-on shisha for people to use on their own stuff." Of course my first reaction was to look that up, because I had no clue was shisha was...if you look it up add the work embroidery or you will be further confused. Anyway, I gave it a go because I am hardwired to accept a challenge no matter how vague it is or busy I am. I found plenty of instructions on how to do this with embroidery, but none of that applied here. I made this with one of the smaller mirrors I picked up and after some stitch count adjustments we have a little mirror encased in tatting that can be simply sewed on.

What am I going to do with it? No clue. I think it might make a cute pendant or perhaps an element to be added to my larger designs or maybe I will just offer them up for other to use in their own designs. See, I told you it was a busy tatting weekend. What is up for the coming week you ask? Oh, I don't know...maybe a nap would be nice, of course I don't nap, so more tatting I suppose.


Pamela said...

OOOOh! I could probably take several of those shisha off of your hands!!! I'm gonna think about it, and talk to a friend, and get back to you!!
Seriously, Pamela I don't know how you do it. Home-schooling your girls, a picture a day, two blogs, a hubby, and all of this amazing tatting!!! What kind of vitamins do you take!!!!

AJ said...

I love everything you made over the weekend... but that shisha is great! I think they would make cute earrings. We bellydancers LOVE big, sparkly earrings! Oooh... or sew a row of them along the top of a bra... Or make a bracelet of them!

*daydreams about tatted shishas*