Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Jingling

I thought that I was going to spend the day on the museum pieces, but to no ones surprise, I flipped and decided to remake a couple of sold pieces. I had just enough crystals on hand to make two of my tenebrous pendant, so I made two. As I completed them, I sat them side by side and got an idea for a new anklet. I had had a completely different silhouette in mind before, but this will work too. I finished the mock up and after much drama figuring out the best way to edge the sides, I did begin on the final piece as well. This is just the point where I set out all the jewels or in this case bells and coins for placement. I should get this one done sometime today. I plan for this one to be a lace up piece. Like wrists, I fear ankle size varies dramatically and with a pattern made of separate motifs this large, adjusting said pattern just an inch is way more of a task than I enjoy, so lacing solves that handsomely. Plus that might make the piece wearable as an arm band, though the weight might hinder that. I guess I'll have to try it out.

I was terribly distracted by all the apple hoopla yesterday so I'm shocked that I got anything done. I went from, "I can haz now, please" all the way too, '...maybe I should just save the money and wait.' I'm whishy washy like that. I liked the look and even the majority of what it can do, but I am a hopeless multitask-er and without the ability to run multiple applications at once, I fear I would just get annoyed with the thing. Then I again got terribly distracted with the State Of The Union thing. Though I avoid being politically opinionated here or online in general so as not to offend my friends, I found others opinions, particularly on twitter to be a fine filtering tool. I stopped following a few quite quickly and had a very hard time ignoring a few others that I did not want to unfollow...I really wanted to unfollow. I should shut up now before I paint myself into a corner.

I didn't get the shisha listed yesterday, I shall try to remember to get them up today and I have a few pieces to remake as well. The anklet might go up today, though there are no promises, it might be another day on that as well. I do have a few other ideas swirling at this point, though I should get back to the glove before I forget how I constructed the first parts. I think that might be important to remember when I need to make its mate. While I was constructing one of the anklet motifs, I thought about making a circlet with a section of that as a base. This is something I've toyed with making for a while, but never got around to. I think adding it to the belly dance line makes good sense so it might see the light of day in the future too. Ugh, why do I keep thinking of new things to make...I'm tired.

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