Thursday, January 21, 2010

This One Is A Spat

Another day, another storm. It's wet, it's windy and I really have no desire to leave the house. So why did I run outside to stop the barbecue cover from blowing away, in my slippers? Why did I then run inside and not wipe my wet, slick feet on the rug before stepping onto the tile? Because, apparently, I thought it would be fun to slip all cartoon like, my legs flying into the air while I land on my bum so hard that sitting is still now, nearly 24 hours later, painful. Sure, I should feel lucky that I landed firmly on one cheek, sparing my tailbone and leaving me a side to sit on, but really I'm just annoyed at my lack of forethought. To recap, my rear hurts.

In other news, I was hard at work on my newest ankle corset design. Everything started to come together and the shape started to form. I did do one thing I rarely do while designing, I did cut out the bottom center motif you see here and replaced it with a smaller, different one. That's the thing about making pieces meant to fit the body. It's hard to visualize where bends are needed and this one was sticking nearly straight up when I arched my foot, which would have made it look ridiculous in heels.

Again, I don't have the final picture yet, but I added an edging to help it match another piece and aside from choosing the final color gradation, the prototype is done. I'll probably play with colors today, or I might just take a break from this and pull out those fingers and give them some attention. I am wishing however that I had started working the gloves in ecru as counting stitches with black thread is quite the eye strain and as I get further on, I'll need to do that. No, I didn't write anything down. Do I ever write anything down?

Still waiting on emails. Of course this illustrates how insane I would be if I was waiting on actual mail...insane. I have also been neglecting my shop a bit, which is ironic given the amount of energy I usually pour into the thing. So many of my recent projects have been custom pieces I've been emailed about, or secret projects, so I just don't have anything new to list in the store. I've even let a few things expire since they were more seasonal and despite what people say about clearing out old inventory to make room for more, I've got plenty of room as I'm certain they do too, so I'll just reintroduce them when appropriate. Anyway, traffic is down and I think I need to get on some advertising or something too. I refuse to use all my social media to constantly stream promos as I think it's actually counterproductive. I will have to think outside the box a bit to get my precious attention, you know, when I get around to it. Back to tatting then.


Kate and Oli said...

Looks like the ankley is coming along! It's really very pretty :)

I hope your bum feels better soon! :)

Emi said...

ouchie! definitely good you missed your tailbone tho, that can really put someone out for awhile.

I was wondering if you had thought about advertising directly to goth & fetish communities, especially in larger cities. I can see your masks and jewelry being incredibly popular in a niche market like that. If you are interested in trying the Toronto goth community, there are a few places I am sure they would gladly display your business cards or larger cards with pictures of your work. Let me know if you're interested and I can tell you a couple of the more popular stores and clubs =)

Happy tatting! said...

OUCH! ICE 20 minutes through a cloth where it hurts. In 2-3 days should be much better. Arnica would be great for the inflammation. Big sympathies for your sore bottom.

Sewicked said...

I have felt your pain. I fell on ice a few years ago. Luckily, I was wearing a long coat. But I did not appreciate the applause from the 2 gents on the hill.