Thursday, May 7, 2009

What's In A Name?

From tattoos to actual tatting. I was in a surly mood yesterday from lack of a good night sleep. I had suffered from what I like to call busy brain. You know, when you've got a dozen different things to think about so your brain decides to get it all out of the way at once. Yeah, yesterday was not my finest hour. I worked on my newest goal, which is to get everything in the shop made and get rid of those pesky 'custom order' listings. I was rounding the finish line with just one mask left to make when I began stalling.

I even went so far as to bust out my vintage tatting books to find something new to make, something simple. So I made a new pendant from a square motif I found. Then I decided to create a bracelet design using the motif in a different way. Setting the center one as a diamond and the two side ones as squares I added another clover on each side to attach the hook and here we have a new unnamed design.

Since I was feeling so very meh, my creativity level was way down. Sure I managed the design, but it's got no name. I have the single motif pendant and the bracelet finished and awaiting listing save for that tiny detail. So, my friends, please pitch me some name ideas so I can get this sucker listed. I'll do my part and get some pictures done and then it's back to making some sold pieces while I await your creative input.


SugarCain said...


mermaiden said...

The word *Hex* popped into my brain when I saw the bracelet.

I was thinking how cool it would look with black and white alternating squares or diamonds, and then I saw you already have something like that. Silly me to think I could think quicker than you!

that_rat said...

I got one...ready...?
Square Thingies
With that name alone it will sell like gang busters...GUARANTEED!

tattrldy said...

How about 'Dark Diamonds', or 'Midnight Mysteries'? 'Diamond of a Moonless Night'?

Sarah Dungan said...

Black Magic Woman

(to be fair this is just extrapolated from mermaiden saying 'hex')