Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Weekend

Ah, it was a long weekend. A very long, hot weekend. On Friday I received a request from a friend for two masks and I spent most of my tatting time working on those, but I really spent very little time tatting. We were asked to sign a few more papers for the offer we put in on a house and the offer, apparently now signed by the seller goes to bank for approval today. I think the worst part of all this house buying business is the lack of freely given information. I know that the process is designed to be like a poker game, revealing only what is needed to continue so that no party really has the upper hand, but it is driving me insane. I am one of those crazy people who wishes I could know nearly everything at all times, and this process has sent me into blind conjecture. I'm making guesses and assumptions even though I really know better. The listing agent seems to be a man on a mission though, so hopefully we will know more soon...see more conjecture.

All the house stuff inspired us to do a little Spring cleaning in the form of what I'm calling pre packing. We let the girls spend the day with their Grandparents while we packed up winter clothes and took bags of discards to the goodwill. Though we spent hours on the task, one would hardly know we achieved anything. I didn't really want to start packing until we know for sure with this house, because if it falls through, we are back to looking again and who knows how long that could take, but I guess a little doesn't hurt.

We also had some sad news on Sunday. We went out to run errands in the 104 degree heat and stopped by the comic book shop. We usually visit on Saturday and when I say usually, I really mean it is a weekly ritual with the children that started before they were born. The shop was run by an older couple that we've gotten to know over the years and not long ago the wife dies from cancer. This weekend the owner died as well. The door was closed with the sad message on the door. He had been spending less time in the shop, but we were still shocked that he was gone and the fate of our family tradition is now up in the air. I feel a bit guilty to think about how this affects us, but regardless we're sad at his passing.

So, yeah, it was a long, hot, weekend. Here's hoping this week brings good news and cooler weather.


Anightgirl said...

Sorry to hear of the sadness in your life. Losing something so important is devastating. Perhaps in memory of what has happened and to help your children deal with the issue they should make a comic book together about the store. I'm sure it would be helpful to everyone involved.

Jennifer Nicole said...

My condolences to the owner's family and to yours. It's hard to lose that kind of tradition, no matter how seemingly insignificant or tenuous your connections to the deceased seemed.

In better news, best of luck with closing on your (hopefully) new home! We spent yesterday spring cleaning (read: even defrosting the fridge) and I know what you mean by feeling as though you got nothing done. My aching back seems to disagree, though...

Imoshen said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss. I hope your family finds something to donto fill the gap. I am suffering from "ain't doind s**t" syndrome cause of this valley heat. I don't how Im gona handle it when summer actually gets here.