Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad

Well surprises abounded yesterday...okay, there were only two surprises, but still. First I received a google alert and a convo at the same time directing me to a feature on Mr X Stitch. It's a very flattering article titled, and no I'm not kidding, 'Stichgasm'. Nice. Then just a few minutes later I got a message from the lovely Kim of TopsyTurvyDesigns. I had collaborated with her on a set of photos quite some time ago. The set featured her amazing hats, a couple of my tatted chokers, authentic vintage wear all shot by Silent Shudder Photography. I have of course been using the images as the listing photos for the Ladies Who Lunch choker as well as the Portrait of An Elegant Bride. Anyway, the photos were submitted to Gothic Beauty Magazine and will be in issue #28 due in stores shortly. Unfortunately they do not post anything online so I can't share here, but please check the issue out at a bookstore near you.

I was waiting all day for the third amazing surprise to occur, but alas that appears to be the end of it though I did finish and get paid for a set of masks made for a friend. I suppose that counts as good news, but it wasn't much of a surprise. I made up some more pendants for the Maker Faire, though I'm fairly convinced that whatever I do have will either not be enough, or will be the wrong things. Ah, well we trudge on.

I am still wearing the corset and I am still going to keep mentioning that here, more as a public record to keep myself in line than anything else. The more people following my progress, the more likely I am to keep it up. It has already produced some results, but I'm sure that If I stopped now, they would disappear quite quickly, but I have to share one moment from yesterday. I had removed the corset for exercise before bed and then walked out into the living room where video games were being enjoyed. My husband asked if I was wearing the corset and when I said no, he responded, wow. That was nice and to continue getting that sort of reaction I will strap myself in as long as it takes to get permanent results.

Photo: Silent Shudder Photography / Model/MUA Beaux Deadly / Hat & Styling - Topsy Turvy Design


TheClayMuse said...

Hurray for surprises! I'm so glad to hear your getting some corset results. keep it up.

ArtSnark said...

Congrats all around!

LesleyD said...

Congrats hun!!! Way to go!!!

Fox said...

Reading your blog; enjoying your energy and determination! You are amazing - which I guessed by having admired your unique tatting for many months. Good Luck! Fox : )