Friday, May 8, 2009

Square Thingies

Shocking news this morning. I did not get around to taking the listing pictures of my new bracelet and pendant. Yeah, I was lucky to make a nice sale early in the morning and I chose to spend most of the day remaking the pieces that left me so I could immediately re list them. The best decision? Maybe not, but it's what I did with my day. I figured that even though I do tend to get more views on entirely new pieces than re lists, this one is fairly subtle and not likely to catch the attention of window shoppers.

I did however collect quite a plethora of name options. Besides the small list I acquired here: "Tricordia, Hex, Dark Diamonds, Midnight Mysteries, Diamond of a Moonless Night, Black Magic Woman", the denizens of the twitterverse also provided several choices : "Square Rules, Hip to be Square, Cool to be Square,Tats Square,Times Square, Square Garden, Square Tats, Tatted Gems, The Inspiral Black Snowflake, tumbling blocks, squares of lace". Oh and I forgot the gem my husband came up: Square Thingies. I know, right? He's clearly a creative genius. Anyway, now I am faced with the opposite problem from yesterday, too many names to chose from.

I guess I'll come back the list once the pictures have actually been taken and compare them to the names and see what sticks. It needs to describe the single motif pendant as well as the bracelet, so that excludes a few of the names, but not all that many. It'll be a few hours before I can get to picture taking anyway, so if you want to help narrow the choices, knock yourselves out and thanks so much for all the feedback in the first place. It is lovely being able to get ideas from so many sources. I guess you'll have to check the shop later to see what name I ended up with, or I suppose you could wait until Monday when I'm bound to share that detail here anyway. Until Monday then.


Gina said...

You could narrow it down to the choices most suitable and then do a poll from your layout page.

TotusMel said...

I thought about that, but I came up with an entirely different name whilst staring at the motif...guess I got my creativity back.

dalij said...

I vote for Square Thingies!!!! Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant!!!!!

the cheap chick said...

I love naming things, but I have to agree with you - sometimes it's a pain in the tookus. Sadly, though, I am awfully fond of Square Thingies.

Or, you know, my other favorite naming - lyrics from Labyrinth songs!

Amy said...

I'm partial to "Hip to be a Square" personally.

doo doo doo da doo da doot..