Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Healed

My foot is still bleeding a bit this morning, figuratively of course. There were no "make up" sales to relieve my project refuser remorse. Though I was quite lucky to hear many people confirming that I most likely made the right decision for now. The idea of an opera length glovelet has however entered my brain and you're probably correct in assuming that I will one day work out this piece, just not anytime soon.

I spent yesterday making hair pieces for the Maker Faire. Feathers and tatted flowers sewn carefully to hair combs. I made a half dozen of them and I barely avoided inhaling the bits of escaped feather that floated around my head. Yeah, I know, I could have worn a mask or something, but I didn't want to get up and look for one. I've also been breaking out the colored thread to diversify my collection of lace for the event. I've found that online I only sell a few select colors, but I think it might be much different in person. Of course if I'm wrong I'll be added a bunch of purple, green and red pieces to the store next month.

I'll probably be working on many more small pieces today and throughout the run up period to the Faire. I've been told the attendance to this thing is like 60,000. Whether that's the actually case or not, I'm trying to prepare for it. I'm mostly failing, but I'll keep trying, More pendants and bracelets and I think some simple hair clips. Then I figure I'll just bring along everything else I have made and close up theetsy store for the weekend. I know I still have three weeks, but I've always been one to prepare early.

In other emotionally charged news, we put in a bid on a house this weekend. The house fits us well and we really hope that everything works out, but it's a short sale. Of course I only have an internet education on what that actually means, but it appears that I can, at the very least, assume that this will be a long drawn out process. This also means that there is a lot of stress dancing just beneath the surface of my household, waiting for any answer at all. I even hesitate to talk about it at all for fear of getting too attached to a house that we may not get to buy. On the flip side, I'm still slightly terrified of actually buying a house at all. I've rented since I left home well over a decade ago and I know how that works. This buying thing is alien territory and has me scrambling for ideas to make more money...just in case.

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SugarCain said...

I believe you're going in the right direction with your fair preparations. I've found that people who would like to buy a large piece but can't for whatever reason will buy a small inexpensive one. Your hair combs sound spot on for that. Good luck getting ready for the fair and with the house.