Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Network It

This is going to be another 'I love twitter' post, so if you're sensitive to the subject, look away now. I began my twitter life the same way I've approached almost all of my Internet habit since joining Etsy, that is I followed etsians. They provide a ready made audience with at least one guaranteed thing in common. Eventually that got boring honestly and I ventured forth into worlds unknown. I followed those who followed me regardless of familiarity and soon I had a brand new group of twitter friends.

I'm not honestly sure how I happened upon a group of fashion minded bloggers, but I did and they have been wonderful people to talk to. They have also helped expose my work and tatting in general to a whole new audience of people, which is the most wonderful thing of all. It is easy to share my craft with other artisans, but it is preaching to the choir for the most part. To continue the metaphor, I want to leave the church and take it to the streets. Twitter, my friends, has done just that for me without me even having to be a promotion machine. I just tweet my blog posts in the morning and new listings as they occur and remain chatty randomly throughout the day.

I just got another google alert yesterday morning for another wonderful blog feature from a lovely gal I met through twitter. I love the surprise of finding features of my work I didn't know were happening. This one is at Broke & Beautiful, another great blog full of tips and finds that I would have never found without twitter. Am I saying that you NEED to get on the twitter to get attention? No, but it certainly doesn't hurt to network. I never enjoyed MySpace, haven't joined Facebook and there are half a dozen other places one can go for this alleged 'social networking' business so go where you like, but this socializing online stuff is here to stay and you might as well find a place you're comfy and settle in.

In other news, I am starting week two of the corset waist training and it's going well. The corset is now almost completely closed all day long and I'm feeling no discomfort at all. It continues to cause me to modify my behaviors, but not drastically so. I am finding issues with compatible clothing, particularly as it is getting hotter, but I will endure. My current plan is to go for a three month period and see if I can get this stomach under control. Speaking of clothes though, I am still going crazy over what to wear to the Maker Faire. I have this great bustle skirt, but will it be too much for a day long show, plus it's two days so I need two outfits of steamy goodness...aargh! I'll figure it out...I hope.

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Rabid said...

I use twitter, but haven't put in enough effort to use it to my advantage yet. I'll get there if I can find the time (which is always in short supply!)

Corset training, eh? I'd like to get back into that myself.

Steamy goodness=steampunk? Oh with all the time in the world...