Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twitter Fail

I've got nothing for you this morning. Really, absolutely nothing. It is merely my insistence that I write Monday through Friday that has me sitting in front of the computer right now while my mind races about trying to pull any little interesting fact from my mushy brain. My tasks yesterday, devoid of any sales, were more of the same. A couple of hair clips and then I asked the twitterverse what colors I should use & they of course provided answers. I, in turn, made things in the requested colors...oh, right, the twitterverse...something DID happen yesterday.

There was a significant uproar over on the twitter regarding the way that we see replies to other people. You used to have the choice to see replies to people you didn't follow from people you do or not. Basically, half conversations that oftentimes lead to organic discovery of new friends. This option was replaced with, well no option. You can no longer see them, even if you want to. Apparently there was a technological problem with the option, it was not scaling and we were told that was going to break soon anyway. Explanations did not stop myself and probably thousands of others from being annoyed and then working out a way around the problem.

This crazy twitter event took most of my morning after which I began to tat again and let it all go. Once my opinion is known, there's not much else I can do about it right? It is after all, a free service that I do enjoy using, so I'm pretty much over it. I'll keep annoying people with my reply fix that many others came up independently of each other, but that's about it.

Unless I am presented with a different project I will continue to tat pendant and bracelets for Maker Faire and I will continue to wait for word back about the house we put in an offer on. We were asked to sign a few more papers last night, so we're hopeful that indicates that they are, at the very least, considering our offer, but honestly we have no idea. I admit, I'm a little tense about, well everything as of late. I can hardly wait to be on the other side of all these events right now, but I have no idea how far into the future that would take me, so I wait.

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