Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Things

Tatting, tatting, always tatting. Sometimes however, even I fail and it was bad. I made an attempt to adapt a pattern to be used as a barefoot sandal motif. Halfway through the design it became epically obvious that I did not accomplish this task and the thread was cut and the half piece discarded in disgrace. I just though that I should make a confession of complete failure for the benefit of all the lovely people who have been letting me know that I did indeed teach them to tat. Every one of your stories inspires me in my half crazy quest to, not revive a dying art, but rather bring to light a vibrantly surviving art that has merely remained under the radar for too long. I have every intention on producing more instructables and videos in the future, though current live conditions preclude me from doing them anytime soon.

We heard a little more news on the house buying front, though it gets us no closer really to an answer. Turns out, like many people during the housing boom, our sellers have multiple loans on the house. This means that we are waiting to hear from not one, but two different banks that must agree on out offer before we move forward. We care crossing our fingers that they accept the offer as written, not because we have no room to negotiate, but because we don't really want to go through the whole process again with a different offer. I tell you it's a good thing that if this house goes through we will never need to buy another house. This is madness...pure madness.

Last bit for today, the corset. I think I've eased into a nice corset schedule. I'm sleeping in the corset loosely, removing it for the morning rituals and then tightening myself in for most of the day. I've been taking it off in the afternoon for just a bit and then again before bed for exercise, then back in for sleep. I even went out yesterday to the Target wearing my black corset over my shirt. Yes, I got a few looks, but remember my hair is purple and my arms tattooed, so who knows if it had anything to do with the corset. It's hard to explain the sensation of long term corset wear. It's not painful, but I wouldn't call it comfortable. The corset is very supportive though restrictive. Mostly it is causing me to modify my behaviors to accommodate it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I'll keep updating you on the progress of the experiment, already my stomach seems flatter when the corset is off and it is easier to keep the muscles engaged, so I'm hopeful.

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ArtSnark said...

wear some of your lovely work with your corset when you're out & you'll have a great gaslight-romance thing going on ;D