Monday, May 4, 2009


Occasionally when the stars align, you ask a question of the Universe and it listens. It wasn't an important request, just a simple and somewhat silly request, but it listened. Friday morning I was the recipient of a superhero makeover courtesy of ClayMuse , one of my twittering etsy friends. I even received some amusing back story ideas throughout the day concerning poisoned tatting needles bestowing powers instead of death. I still think my masked image is worthy of a whole superhero hear that Universe...yeah, just giving it a go.

On the flip side, I discovered that tatting too fast and too much can actually result in physical injury. No, I didn't stab myself. I awoke Friday morning with a sore shoulder/back. It was annoying, but not too bad. I continued working throughout the day with nary a thought to what I assumed was the result of a bad nights sleep. When I woke on Saturday, I couldn't move my arm without horrible pain. It was shooting down my arm, across the whole of my back and even my neck. A little research and a few tweets later, I realize that it was in fact most likely a repetitive motion injury resulting in knots in my back so bad that they were radiating out.

Of course a few sessions with my wonderful massage pillow and some pain killers and now I'm almost right as rain. The lesson learned for me, was to stop working every evening and use the massage pillow to work out those knots before the become harbingers of pain. Who knew that a gentlewoman's art such as tatting or crochet could result in something of a sports injury? It would be silly if it hadn't hurt so damn much.

I have almost caught up with all my custom order listings. Only a few of them still exist, so once I've finished another mask and a couple of pairs of cuffs, I'm back to making for the Maker Faire and just remaking what has sold. Of course, now that I've said that, something weird will occur causing me to have to make something I hadn't intended upon. Oh, well, such is life and life is, well, it's alright.


dalij said...

Like the Super Hero image. Why not challenge one of your artsy brothers to pen the comic for you. Or maybe they can illustrate and That Rat (Who LOVES comics) can pen the script.

ArtSnark said...

Great image! I added your pic to my mighty to do list - remains to be seen if I can get around to it.

Hope you're feeling better

Ashe Mischief said...

AMAZING! I love the idea of a tatting avenger.

In other news, it's sad to hear about the injuries while crafting! :(

Gina said...

Love your superhero image!

Glad you worked out the pain-causing kinks! I gave up participating in tat-offs, where they race to see who can tat the fastest, after one such event left me unable to tat without pain for a week.

AJ said...

That super hero pic is too cute :)

I have lots of beading friends who had Carpal Tunnel from too much beadwork. We crafty ladies have to take care of our bodies just as much as sports players do!

Valerie said...

woohoo... that's a nice 'superhero' image! it would have been perfect with a tatted necklace! (opps, did i say too much?!)

TheClayMuse said...

Ask and ye shall recieve! Too cool, to see that up here (even though you asked ahead of time).
Was too fun sketching that up, good procrastination technique.
I'm glad to hear it inspired some fun stories!
Sorry to hear about your back/shoulder, hope your feeling 100% better soon....

Waterrose said...

What a great makeover and the resemblance is remarkable!