Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

Alright, weekend recap, I spent Friday mostly tatting the second barefoot sandal and dealing with some family issues. I think as far as the issues are concerned, we've reached a bit of a stable point. It's far from over, but the stress level has gone down significantly and I can mostly put it aside for the time being. That said, I still didn't get much more tatting done over the weekend.

We ran errands and started binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix. We also had a nice dinner out of town with the other side of the family. There was a healthy dose of cleaning around the house as well. We tackled some projects and I manage to wound myself repairing cabinets. The bruises are spectacular. I did also manage some knotting on the purple piece, mostly which watching television.I'm about done with the small loops and then it's back to pineapples. So today's plan is this, maybe tatting up a pair of ankle corsets, and probably more house projects that will likely further injure me.

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