Monday, July 18, 2016


Well, here we are at the start of a normal week. I've got no plans, no adventures, nothing. I was even treated to a tatted lace order over the weekend that gave me tatting to do. I did start with some knotting on Friday after I restocked my etsy shop though. I finished this last black simple Armenian lace piece and hopefully I'll get my act together this week and get them all photographed and in the shop. It's been quite some time since it was actually busy around there and I really need to do something to increase business.

Then I got a tatting order on Saturday. It wasn't custom, but it gave me a reason to tat up the pieces that sold before I can ship them this morning.  It was a bracelet and a necklace. I was so happy to be tatting that I got them both finished on Saturday leaving me nothing left for today. I'm still lacking that creative push to really get me into the groove of working again, but I'm crossing my fingers that that is right around the corner. In the meantime I've got a small house project and I think I still need some vacation recovery time to get back to that routine I love so much.

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