Thursday, July 28, 2016


Man, it's getting hot around here. It's not just that it's well over 105º everyday, it's that's it's been this way for long enough that it's not cooling down at all overnight. The heat is definitely not helping my productivity. Luckily I got an order yesterday and that got me tatting again. It was for a slave bracelet, so I spent the morning and early afternoon working on it. I even bit the bullet and ordered more black thread as I'm on my last one now.

Then because I had nothing else on hand to do, and I certainly wasn't going to go outside in the afternoon, I worked on the Armenian lace again. I'm at 21.5cm across now and I'm really liking how the larger pineapple round turned out now that it's framed by the rounds of small loops. I'm thinking maybe one more repeat of the design and it should be a nice enough size to stop. What I'll do with it at that point I've no idea though. I can't see anyone buying it and I don't think anyone in my life wants to be gifted with it either. I'll figure something out, I really like it.

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Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

Definitely something that should be framed and hung! I know frames can be expensive so I'm hesitant to suggest that but I just think it needs to be on display! That's one thing on my never ending crafting list; to tat a doily that I feel worthy of displaying! :)