Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More Purple

Another day with not much to share. There was an early morning Pokémon walk that put the children in a good mood. I even remembered sunscreen so there were no ill effects. Then it was home to read and tie some knots in string for much of the afternoon.

I think I'm just going to keep making this one up as I go and then stop when it stops growing at a steady rate. The table cloth is tucked away for the time being as it stopped growing and started bumming me out. I'm sure I'll pull I back out to work on some day, but I need some easy wins. There's some new family stress going on that's giving me a new case of anxiety. Nothing near what the person whose stress it actually is, is dealing with of course, but it's spilling over and may continue to do so for quite some time. Just one of those things that only an exorbitant amount of money can fix and since that's not likely to happen, just don't mind me and my stressed self for awhile. I'll try not to get too whiny about it all.

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