Friday, July 15, 2016

Vacation Recap

Obviously I did a terrible job of blogging while we were on vacation, sorry about that. We drove through Nevada to Utah to visit my family for my grandfather's 90th birthday. That was followed by a drive through Utah to visit my husband's nephew, then back to Nevada through Arizona to visit some of out favorite people in the whole world in Las Vegas. We stayed there for about 4 days and saw Red Rock Canyon, Bonnie Springs, The Springs Preserve, the Atomic Bomb Museum, oh and IKEA. Don't laugh, we've never been to an IKEA.

We stayed up late every night and slept in all the way to 6:30 in the morning. I know, shocking right? There was also sight seeing Pokemon catching. I'm afraid there was no time for lace, but I did take some photos I can liven this post up with. You already got Red Rock and Utah, so here's Bonnie Springs which was a ghost town, not literally, it was just empty when we visited.
 This is a piece of the Berlin wall in the Atomic Bomb Museum. The kids favorite part was an exhibit on Area 51 where photos were prohibited.
 This is a small view of our abode for the Las Vegas leg of our trip, a perfect Twin Peaks themed guest room.
 This was the site of the world's largest thermometer in the Mojave desert in a town called Baker we drove through on our way home.
Hopefully today I'll get my etsy shop back in order and have a little time to decompress from many, many hours on the road. It was a good trip though and I already miss the people we went out to see.

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