Friday, July 22, 2016


I really got to work yesterday. Well first we went on what we're now referring to as a Pokéwalk. I'd complain, but not only do I like playing too, it really does as advertised and gets the kids out of the house and moving around. We even interacted with other people, albeit in a somewhat minor fashion. Once back home it was reading and tatting.

The order I got was for a pair of ankle corsets and a pair of barefoot sandals. The ankle corsets I have no issue remaking as I've done it dozens of times, but these particular barefoot sandals sell far less often, so it was in my best interest to remake them while I still had the existing pair right in front of me. This is just the center and the first arm of the piece. I actually finished one of them and then started on the second before the day was out. I knew this was going to happily give me tatting to do for a few days at least.

That family stress event I mentioned a couple of days ago is, I fear, just beginning and may possibly cause quite an upheaval. It's still quite fresh so I feel the need to vent strongly, though I'll try not to and I'll keep what I do say purposefully vague. Suffice it to say, a sizable amount of money falling into my lap from a secret millionaire reader or fan to fix it is my primary daydream at this time. I'm not fool enough to think it would actually happen, but one can dream. I'll just keep making lace hope for the best and try to prepare for the worst.


Unknown said...

I often read your blog but not one to leave comments. I'm a stocker. Lol! My son in law was in an accident in the winter a few yrs. ago. A woman died. It was the worst thing our family ever experienced. It took almost 2 years before we knew what would happen to my son in law. He's a teacher and an amazing person. Things ended well but the loss of life changed all of us forever. I know what you are feeling. Good luck with your battle.

Ysmenia said...

Good day!!! Congratulations. It's beautiful what you do. I work with macrame technique and do not know how to make the tissue is hardened. How I can make firm necklaces?