Tuesday, July 19, 2016


There were a lot of weird little house projects yesterday. I fixed some holes in the walls and painted over some scuffs since we have flat wall paint that will not be cleaned. There was also one long Pokémon walk with the kids over to the community college near us that gave me a nice mild sunburn. My own fault for not putting on sunscreen.

When we got back I pulled out some purple thread and started working some Armenian knotted lace. I'm not certain what my plan is here, but I wanted to be knotting and not not wasting what little black thread I have left. I did sell another piece yesterday, but it was a cat ear headband and I already have a few of those made up. So at least today I have some purple lace to play with. I won't be photographing those necklaces to list anytime soon now, because that afore mentioned sunburn makes me less photogenic than usual. Oh well, not that I had all that much motivation in the first place.

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Jeff Hamilton said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who ended up with a sunburn recently. I'll have to remember to get some sun screen before I go on any major Pokemon outings. Still haven't tried the Armenian Lace, but I enjoy seeing your work.