Thursday, October 8, 2015


I had the worst time trying to find a project yesterday. Again, there were no sales in my shop, nor tatting ideas to pull me out of this random fiber arts whirlwind I've been on lately. Perhaps I just needed a break to make some things for myself that didn't need to be sell-able. Well eventually I decided that what I really wanted to make for me was one of those great loose knit sweaters everyone wears in post apocalyptic entertainment. You know the ones that look like they should be falling apart or unraveling, but they still look great and gauzy. Of course finding an actual pattern for such a thing seems nigh on impossible. I settled on something close enough and I figure I'll make it up mostly as written and muck with it if need be.

My improvisation skills are not as good with knitting as they are with tatting, just a product of practice, but I'm hoping that this at least turns out wearable. If not, it should be terribly easy to unravel and start over with whatever I have learned from the failure. Of course given that it's suppose to be a sweater, it wasn't anywhere near done yesterday. If I had finished it in one day, I might've felt I had a new calling with speed knitting. Hopefully I'll at least get far enough today to know whether I'm barking up the wrong tree with the pattern.

As usual, I'll still be not so patiently waiting for something interesting to happen in my shop, or some magic light bulb moment to pull me back to the lace. Until then though at least I'm staying busy.

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