Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I was distracted much of the day yesterday. I'm not entirely certain why, but I think I was just, well, overthinking. It's a busy week ahead and I just couldn't concentrate on making anything for too long. All I managed to work on was another circle cardigan and even that didn't get finished even though I really should have had time enough to do so.

Today's prospects aren't much better as the first real distraction of the week is today's teacher meeting for one of the kids. The next one is tomorrow, followed by an outing. I know it's suppose to be the kids being evaluated, but I always get a bit nervous myself. After all, if they aren't doing well, that's on me, right?

Hopefully, I'll relax enough to work on something today. I did just wake up to a sale in my shop. It's just a simple necklace, so I should be able to handle getting another made for the shop after I get one shipped out. I'm just crossing my fingers that this whole week goes well and I get a minute to relax before the holidays are upon us.

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