Monday, October 12, 2015


Well, I kind of failed this weekend. Not because I didn't finish knitting my sweater, I did, I just didn't take any pictures of it so I have to proof. More importantly, I have no pictures to make this post less boring, sorry. I did have to unknit and reknit the bottom of the sweater more than once to get the finishing right. The first time was just to do the new bind off that I discovered. It includes a yarn over element that makes it super stretchy and perfect for this loose knit sweater. Then with the curl up from the stockinette stitch, it was just a bit too short, so again I unknit the bind off and did a few more inches of knitting before doing it again. The sweater was done on Saturday morning, but we were so busy with other things I never stopped to get photos.

We had to do some cleaning because there were relatives visiting briefly. That visit also added to our days events on Sunday. I did spend some time on Sunday learning how to crochet a small skull, for no other reason that it looked like something interesting to do. Again, I have no photographic proof that that happened either. There was even a little time spent tatting up a necklace.

So that leaves me here with today's plan. The kids have the day off school, so we will likely spend some more time cleaning and decorating the house with the small portion of Halloween decor that we actually put away, which is about a quarter I'd say. I also have a costume to finish for the oldest child. So that should keep me busy. If I remember, I'll try to get pictures of the weekend things to liven up the post tomorrow. Here's hoping I remember.

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We will wait patiently :)