Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three More Rounds

First, I want to thank everyone who answered my shuttle tatting query. I am so glad to know that the pattern can easily be worked by all, no matter how they make their knots. I also got introduced to the Celtic tatting shuttle, what a neat little tool for getting the shuttle into places as easily as the needle.

Yesterday's outings and meetings did use up a good portion of the day, but I still managed to get a few more rounds done on the sample doily. I'm finding it interesting that the look of the piece is completely different when worked in three colors. I am also so glad that I chose to work this from the written pattern instead of my usual way, which is working from the prototype itself. I've found scads of mistakes in my pattern and I feel pretty confident that once I finish this, I'll be able to publish the pattern without error. Of course now that I've said that it's going to be a proofreading nightmare. I am also getting ahead of myself as I still have a few more rounds and they are long ones.

Today should be pretty productive as we have no extra things to do. I'll have time to work and maybe even time to clean. I even started the third and final circle cardigan gift. It's good to work on while i do other things as I've pretty much got the pattern memorized. It turns crochet into that meditative state of my hands moving without my brain having to focus at all. So again, even without sales in the shop, I have many things to keep me busy.

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Madtatter80 said...

I like that working mode to have the brain know what is going to be done, it is great and love when it happens to me too :) It is wonderful pattern and glad it is written down.