Thursday, October 15, 2015


Still no sales in the shop to get me to stop crocheting, so crochet I did. I got the youngest daughter's circle cardigan all made and started on the older daughter's right after that. I should have that one finished this afternoon and then I'll be all out of yarn. I still think they are a good idea for gifts, but I need to get color requests from the intended recipients before I start. I know some people dread the handmade gift, the least I can do is make sure it's in a color they'd actually wear.

So I guess that's really all to share today. Between schooling the kids and crocheting, I was busy pretty much all day. I do enjoy the mindlessness of making a piece like these, especially the second or third time. I can really just turn off and let my hands work. Maybe today my mind will drift to other things to make. I really need to get back to designing some tatting, but I have no new ideas. I just need to think of something so awesome people will actually start shopping in my store again, so no pressure.

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