Friday, October 2, 2015

Off Book

I took a good hard look at the doily yesterday morning and then simply abandoned the pattern. I stated that I had done so because of math and that is truly the reason. I just could not make the medallion round work evenly as it was and I didn't want to be done with it as it was either. All that being said, I had no plan in mind at all. I started here with large loops over the basket stitch and followed that with a few rounds of small loops.

I know that I didn't want to do too many more rounds of just the small rings, but I also had no idea what to do next. This is where I decided to just really make things up. I am completely off book now, of course the last picture here just shows the beginning of it.

I am seriously just guessing with these new rounds. I think this should create a diagonal stripe, but it's too soon to tell if I guessed wrong. There are no patterns in the book exactly like it, though the diamonds were made using a similar technique, so I should be good here, I hope. I guess I'll just keep on like this and hope that it looks good after a few more rounds. Then it'll be time to pick a new design. Here's hoping I come up with something good. And while I'm spending some time on hoping. Here's hoping sales in the shop pick up soon, that I get all the Armenian lace pieces photographed and listed, and that I have a brilliant idea for something tatted to make. All those would be great, thanks.

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Fox said...

Your lace inspires me. I am in the middle I'd a round motif with spaces that are too HUGE and woefully misshapen, but to me it signifies progress.

I had to go back to your July posts to remind myself that improvements happen over time, though even your earliest attempts look pretty good!

Bought some #10 thread today figuring it will be easier to work.....think I'm in this for the long haul!