Monday, October 19, 2015

Motif Making

What a weekend. On Friday I buckled down and just started making. After a couple of false starts I came up with this small motif. The smaller one in the picture was just the step one of it. It had a nice Gothic feel to me with a little woven chain element, but I felt like I could not only use this small motif as a pendant or maybe joined with a couple more for a bracelet, but I could also just keep building and see where it gets me.

I made a point of actually taking a picture after every round I created. Yes, I was just making it up as I went. No, I didn't write down the pattern at all.

I guess I kind of had that monster doily everyone has been working on in my mind. Not that I have any illusions that this with grow to those kind of proportions, but it was, I suppose, an inspiration to keep me adding more rounds.

This is where I stopped for the day. I liked playing with the shape of the piece as I went too. Some rounds were more, well, round and others more square. There was also this unintended element of straight crossed lines formed from the smaller rings joining across rows. It wasn't intentional, but I really love how it looks.

I had to stop because I had a house to thoroughly clean for a family gathering at our house.It's just the first of many over the fall and winter. I went for the whole upstairs and downstairs, bathrooms included and that took up most of Saturday. Sunday was the gathering, plus a haircut and I was rewarded for something from the Universe with a bracelet sales, so I spent Sunday night tatting up another for the shop. Then I woke up this morning to two more sales, a necklace and a mask. So I start this week with two existing pieces to tat up. Then I can play with this growing motif some more and see where it really wants to end. After all that I have permission to create three more circle cardigans as gifts. I love busy.


craftie sylvie said...

I love your new motif, each step of it :)

Madtatter80 said...

I like where this is going and keep going till you think "I should stop" :)