Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Let's see, Again, I'm afraid there is not much new to share from around these parts. It seems I am keeping busy making spiders for the time being. I was asked if it was possible to simple purchase them and so I made up a listing for a batch of 10 plain ones and once the customer picked those up , I made another just in case.  Then my brother-in-law requested some with beads, so after I picked up some comparable beads at Michaels I made a bunch more. I've got thread spiders coming out of my ears.

Most of the weekend was family time though. We took a trip to the zoo a few towns over. We bought a membership this year so we could keep going back without feeling like we were spending too much money to do so. Then Sunday was mostly a lazy day except that's when we went to Michaels and came up with all sorts of Halloween things to paint and adorn. Just a piece of advice, never take a family into that store without a specific and firm agenda especially around Halloween or this sort of madness is bound to occur. The rest of Sunday was spent painting things and finishing the first trilogy of the Star Wars Blu Rays in an attempt to fully indoctrinate our youth. I think it worked, next it's onto the next trilogy and by that I mean the second set made, we started with the classics.

So, what's on tap for this week. I have no clue. I've managed to keep the store pretty well stocked, so there are no major projects that direction. I did get in another supply order complete with grab bag, so perhaps a stroll through those goodies for something inspiring. Anything, but another spider...well, maybe a few more, it is October after all. I might even put together an instructable for the beaded ones...we'll see.

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