Friday, October 28, 2011

Deconstructing Doilies

So, let's see...I finished up the new cuff design. It was not a well received as the first, but I like it. This of course means that if it manages to remain unsold for four months, it is mine. I like the way it comes over my hand a bit and it's comfy.

I managed to also get a couple of snowflakes made for the coffers. I meant to take a picture of them so you'd have an idea what I was yammering on about, but I didn't. I guess I save those for when I am ready to start giving them away. Then I got an idea in my head regarding the first doily bracelet design...start the deconstructing.

First I went with a simple center piece that should make a lovely dense pendant. That was of course simple, but then I started to deconstruct for a potential pair of earrings and that took several iterations, including these two to get what felt right. One was too wide, one too narrow. In the end I settled for four outer rings. This in interesting only because I fought it. I hate round numbers in jewelry...I have no idea why, but they turned out great with the blasphemous four.

Then I wanted to add something to them and asked the internet, coins or bells? Apparently there is no easy answer to this question. The answers were very mixed and so in the end I decided to make it both ways. One pair with coins, one pair with bells. I'm, not quite finished with the last pair, so that's what I'll get done today. Then I'll get the lot of them all listed and I was thinking about making the same pieces in color, though what color, I don't know yet. I will certainly take opinions on that matter. What other colors look good with tribal, bell dance type outfits? Well, I guess that's it for me, have a great weekend all.

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that_rat said...

I still think your middle picture looks like X-Wing Fighters attacking the Death Star...