Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stalling Again

I stayed on task like a good girl most of the day. For my troubles, I got a cuff bracelet made up and one mask finished. Okay, I did stall a bit in the afternoon and I doodled on this paper mache skull I got from Michael's with a paint pen. I've decided that I adore sharpie paint pens now. What else is a bit of a kick is searching for sugar skulls on etsy. It brings up quite a few things made with this same base...and generally not very well. Not that mine's a work of art mind you, but then again I'm not trying to sell mine. I know there's no shame in using supplies found at the local craft store to make things to sell, but it's always a bit of a trip to recognize somethings humble origin when online.

So today, it's a field trip to a pumpkin patch where they get all educational and teach the kids about farming and the water cycle and then the kids refuse to go in the maze because it's too dark, it's a covered hay maze. Yeah, we've been to this one before, but it should be fun and a nice break. I still have one more mask that needs to be remade so I will at least get started on that. I have been trying to make something new the last few days, but everything I have started failed. I'll keep at that too since I think I really need to make new things on a regular basis to keep my know working. Oh & now I'm thinking about making one of these skulls and tatting all the decorations to put on it...that's the stalling talking again. I'll get to work.

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