Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dark Doily

Funny story. Before I started schooling for the day I finished up the doily cuff and posted that it was done and would be listed after school was wrapped. There was interest in it so I excitedly began work on another set of medallions based on the bracelet but with the intention of making it into a bib necklace hung from a chain. After schooling I got the cuff here listed and continued work on the necklace to be. This is when it gets funny. I'm working along, paying little attention to what I'm doing and when I'm just joining the last rings together I realize that I had added a hook and made another bracelet instead of the intended necklace piece...oops. Sure I could have undone back tot he hook, but that's so much extra effort.

Lucky for me the initial interest in the piece was not feigned and the first one is going out to a new home today and I now have a second one already listed. Of course I started the necklace attempt again and that should be finished and ready to list today. I do also now have one necklace in queue to be remade as I had finally made a sale after a week long drought yesterday morning. If I get those two thing accomplished, I was thinking I might try out a few other medallion patterns and see if any of them is also suited to this cuff concept. Other than that I expect a nice event free day.

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