Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look, It's New...Kind Of

The day started out as busy as ever, but by the afternoon I was given a bit of a break. I was going to get back to the gift project, but I felt like I really needed to do something new for the shop, something simple. These are the times when I paw through the antique and vintage patterns looking for something to appropriate. This time it was an edging pattern and I thought a nice bracelet would be perfect for the time allotted to me. As always I worked up the pattern as written for the prototype, but even at this point I could already tell what I was going to change.

For the final piece I decided to add some gunmetal colored seed beads and I re spaced the picots on the top edge. The center cluster was too close together and the outer ones didn't do anything for me either. Other than those small changes it's the same as the original pattern. Of course I tatted it tighter and more evenly on the final piece as well. The design worked up quickly enough that I had time to get another made. This one I made with silver plated beads and a greenish turquoise thread. The reason I don't have a picture of that one is that my phone camera is completely incapable of capturing the color turquoise. It always turns out basic blue or worse and I was too lazy to get the good camera out.

I will get those both pressed and listed today and then I have to get on some serious cleaning that I meant to do yesterday. You know when you start the week thinking you have plenty of days to get to something and then suddenly you're already out of time? Yeah, I'm right there. My brother and his future wife will arrive later today and I haven't even touched the guest room. There are linens and towels to wash and floors to clean. At least if I don't have anything interesting to write tomorrow, it won't be because I didn't do anything...what I do just won't be all that interesting.

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Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

the basics are always pretty when added to a collection, you did a super job :)