Wednesday, October 12, 2011


See, now when I do what I'm suppose to do, I have nothing interesting to say. I went ahead and tried to hang something in the new necklace, but it just felt like an add on and not an organic part of the jewelry, so I scrapped it. It also helped that a few of you said it looked nice as it was. So I got that listed just after I finished schooling for the day. Then it was back to the all important remaking. Of course I only managed to get one of the four pieces in queue made up, but I was on task, I swear.

Today will be back to the same thing. I'm really going to try and stay focused on the tasks at hand. I also just got the newest Clive Barker book recently and I really must read some more of that. The thing is gigantic, but his writing is so vivid and there are so many painting in the book that it's just flying by. So to recap, more remaking, reading and likely another short and dull blog post coming at you tomorrow. That is, of course, unless something fabulous, interesting and unexpected were to happen. Yes, I'm trying for another prophetic moment there...crossing my fingers now.

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