Friday, October 7, 2011

Two One Offs

It was such a dreary day yesterday. The previous day had been stormy with heavy downpours and thunder which is interesting and inspiring. Yesterday was the sort of rainy day that saps your will and makes you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and hot coco. This is not to say that nothing got done, just nothing that took too much energy. I made up two one off pieces in a row, but neither of them taxed my design or tatting skills. In fact the second I literally made up as I went and it is only through some bit of luck that it turned into anything at all.

This is the second one here made around a piece of turquoise from the infamous grab bag collection. One of these days I really must show you how much stuff I have accumulated from those grab bags, but not today. I started on the bottom with a small ring and then brought the thread up through the center. This is when I totally lost the plot and started a strange meandering with rings and chains.  I didn't intend any specific design, but in the end it reminded me of a rain cloud. It was also compared to a vase of flowers and an antique key on the facebook page.

The other one here is actually the first I made, but I am not in love with it. It started around this mystery stone doughnut.  Since it had veins of deep red in it, I used a brick red thread and wrapped the piece. The colors match better in real life and I tried to take advantage of some grooves in the piece, but again, not in love. I suppose everything I make can't be a work of art in my own eyes, but regardless they will both get listed today. I have a feeling there is someone out there that will love it.

I did these in lieu of actually remaking things for the shop like I really should have, but the afore mentioned weather made me choose one or the other. So today I should like to get back to that. The weather is suppose to be back to sunny and temperate so I hope that rubs off on my mood. Once again I will wish for unexpected good things to float my way today and throughout the weekend.


rsmre said...

The round pendant reminds me of the Greek "evil eye" design.

CrochetBlogger said...

I adore the turquoise piece!